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Navigating Change
Staff team

At the end of October the ordained circuit staff attended 'Navigating Change' at Swan Bank, Burslem. Over 24 hours they were challenged and inspired through worship, keynote speakers, workshops and conversations with others to think about "What if?"

Inspired by the 24 hours Revd Nathan Falla wrote:

What if we stopped talking about decline
and started talking about growth.
What if we saw the opportunities
and not the challenges.

What if we were passionate in prayer,
radical in hospitality
generous in giving
and hungry for more.

What if we fervently prayed for revival,
for ways into our community
to open the doors
to build bridges.

What if we were truly
the face of Christ in the community.

What if there were more disciples
and fewer church goers in church
What if we took risks,
and were prepared to give anything a go,
learning from our mistakes.

What if we were a mission shaped church,
reaching out, making known.
What if we could be true to each other
and could talk about our faith
as openly as a football game or last night's reality TV show?

What if we were all committed to discipleship,
learning, growing, sharing.
What if the young could learn from the old
and the old could learn from the young
and everywhere in between.

What if we were a truly welcoming place,
a truly safe space,
where people could be open, honest, vulnerable.

What if we were truly open to God
to rediscover him,
to go where he calls
to do what he wills.

What if we were prepared to dream,
to change, to think again...

What if...

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